Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The increasing dem desperation is fascinating to watch. obama's approval ratings continue to plummet. The dems are now trying evry hook and crook to get this passed. If they do, there should be armageddon for them in November. bo's even going on Foxnews tonight.
This NRO blog is a pretty good source for info on obamacare.

Here is the transcript of the interview with Brett Baier.
I'm not sure how this will end up, but it is a lose lose proposition for the dems.


Owner and Doggy said...

Bush used the same "hook and crook" you're talking about in 2001. The US should get socialized health care. Maybe not all at once, but eventually a public system should be put in place.

Roy Eappen said...

President Bush had bipartisan support in most of what he passed. This has not a single non dem supporter. This certainly does not have a public option and we will see if it passes. If it does the dems will lose manymany seats in both the house and the senate.

Thucydides said...

Although they may not have a straightforward means of enabling socialized healthcare, the Administration and the Congress will continue with various games to enable socialization.

The key is getting something (anything) passed, which will be difficult or impossible to repeal and can be incrementally amended to expand and encompass more and more of the economy.

This may well be the trigger of a second American Revolution; how will the government enforce "mandates" if two million TEA partiers refuse to buy. How about five million Glenn Beck viewers? How about 20 million fans of Rush Limbaugh? Are there enough brownshirts and prisons out there to keep a restless population in line? (and of course, if the people rise up against health care, then they will not stop until as many useless, counterproductive or harmful taxes, rules and regulatory bodies and political rent seekers as they can reach are tossed into the trash can of history).

Sadly the George Soros' and Maurice Strong's of the world will be able to escape...

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