Monday, March 22, 2010

Not all grits ...

denigrate our troops. h/t This guy gets it even if the rest of the dipper grits don't.

Meanwhile, Mr. Rae and Mr. Dosanjh prostitute themselves for media ratings, offering scarce objectivity and an absence of balance. They postulate that if
Canadian soldiers handed over even one prisoner who was then mistreated (or tortured) by Afghan authorities, both the Prime Minister and Defence Minister
must be war criminals. There could not be any other explanation. Their conjecture is nothing but absurd. We know factually that there were cases
when the Canadian Forces took detainees back into their custody upon learning the Afghans were mistreating them. But don’t let that get in the way of a good round of media froth. Just last year, Bob Rae and Ujjal Dosanjh, both former NDP Premiers who are now posing as Liberals (and who are the key spokespersons for the Liberal Party posts of Foreign Affairs and Defence), were demanding that then Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier resign because he told reporters during a scrum in Afghanistan that Asadullah Khalid, the governor of Kandahar province, should be replaced. They argued that by making this statement about Khalid, Bernier was interfering in Afghanistan’s domestic issues. Again, the national media were all over this story reporting that Bernier was interfering. They insinuated his resignation was imminent. Now, Rae and Dosanjh are saying that Peter MacKay should resign because he did not interfere enough in Afghanistan’s governance. It is a classic example of sucking and blowing at the same time.

Many lifelong Liberals, like me, are disgusted with Rae and Dosanjh and their antics. Their agenda is to do whatever they can to attack the Prime Minister
and Defence Minister, even if it means tarring the reputation of Canada and the Canadian Forces.

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