Friday, March 26, 2010

More on Free Speech

The tactics of the left to silence opponents on university campuses is becoming an increasing problem. It is one of those sam alinsky tactics. I'm glad that the kids at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Calgary are more mature and allowed Ann Coulter to speak. If the censor houle wants to reddem himself , he should invite Ann back!
Here is a list of what you shouldn't discuss on campus.
Here is a good piece by a Prof from the University of Montreal.

The University of Ottawa's cancellation of a speech by U.S. author Ann Coulter reveals a disturbing trend in political correctness on North American university campuses.

Coulter had been invited to the university campus by a conservative group, but the event had to be cancelled after it became clear that neither the university nor local police would guarantee her safety.

The tactics of Coulter's opponents follow a long line of similar incidents. Fearful of being labelled "intolerant" - the most devastating accusation that can be laid at anyone around universities - opponents of speakers frequently seek to manufacture a situation in which "public safety" is a risk, thereby giving the administration an excuse to cancel the event.

The phenomenon affects speakers on both the left and the right, although it appears that the tactic has been most effectively used in Canada against those whose views are more conservative than those of the student body.

Scot Reid ( the beer and popcorn idiot) thought the protesters were at the u of o made a first down by preventing Ann from speaking. He was on CFRB this morning.


Jen said...

Scot Reid ( the beer and popcorn idiot) thought the protesters were at the u of o made a first down by preventing Ann from speaking. He was on CFRB this morning.

SCOTT REID who is the very one who instituted his own 'hate' version when he said "KILL HIM KILL HIM DEAD',? Well he is still around in the media- yet Coulter's words are hateful.?

Wait a minute, just thought of it, Scott is a liberal, therefore is entitle to say those words. Had it been a conservative, the pope would have heard of it.
I wonder if O'REILLY or FOX or for that matter know of this. I guess we will tell them won't we.

Furthermore, I listen to FOX. Our media is only to support the liberals- just like they support Scott Reid.

Anonymous said...

Huh... you should read on the letters page of the Ottawa Citizen today what one of the fourth-rate minds studying at that third-rate university wrote:

As a student at the University of Ottawa, I have observed as my fellow students fought against Ann Coulter speaking here. I cannot remain silent as these students are being attacked, their acts being called everything from "embarrassing" to the eloquently put "bush league."

The most disturbing comments, however, are those defending Coulter's right to free speech. While I agree that everyone has the right to free speech, I am left to wonder why no one seems to want to fight for our right to free speech and our right to protest, choosing instead to protect the rights of an ultra-conservative American bigot.

We shouldn't allow Canadian students to receive an education that teaches them that childish anti-Islamic remarks should be tolerated and we should not talk of Canada as a land of diversity, if when the time comes to peacefully stand up against small-minded prejudices, we turn our backs on them and cry embarrassment.

The only clear embarrassment is that Ann Coulter is not universally despised, which I am almost certain she would be had her comments been about Judaism or Christianity rather than Islam. It seems a bigot's rights are more important than the rest of Canadians.

The 1,000 students who protested this week have heard Coulter's past comments, disagreed with them, and decided to exercise their own rights. They peacefully let Coulter know that many people have a serious problem with her comments and that she is not universally welcomed on campus. For that, I have never been so proud of my fellow students and fellow Canadians standing up for the values that we have been taught since our youth, those of tolerance for diversity and the right to peaceful protest.

Phil Saikaly,
Frightening to think that such narrow, bigoted and unintelligent people are actually admitted to higher studies. This child does not get it at all. Tolerance for diversity???? As long as it agrees with his narrow, stunted worldview, I guess.

CanadianSense said...

U of Ottawa has been criticized rightly so.

Some people only want their views to be heard.

I don't care if Ann Coulter or David Suzuki were invited to talk on campus. Both should have been given courtesy to entertain their audience.

The tragic part is the left don't think others should be given the same protection of our Charter.

Jen said...

Coulter came to talk to the conservative student body not too the whole campus.
Unfortunately the uninvited guests who have no use for conservatives push their way in.

Grumpy Old Man said...

I sent the following letter to the Ottawa paper that was referenced in an earlier comment. I doubt it will be printed, but I feel better for sending it.
A University of Ottawa student, Phil Saikaly, had a letter printed 3/26/10. A few things he said caused me to wonder if his parents could get a refund of his education tuition, because the schooling he's had so far doesn't seem to have delivered value for money. He said he's proud of his fellow students who shut down Ann Coulter's speech. He wonders why so many people seem to be upset about the actions of the protesters, and wonders why they are defending the right of (in his words) "an ultra-conservative American bigot." to speak. He also says he agrees everyone has the right of free speech, but he wonders why no one seems to want to fight for the students right to protest.
Well, to be blunt Phil, what your fellow students did was against our Canadian values. They displayed intolerance, they trampled on our right to listen to whatever we want, and they have shamed our entire country. Admit it Phil, if a right wing group used the same tactics to stop you from speaking at a meeting, you'd be screaming in outrage.

Philanthropist said...

Liberals are very narrow-minded and cannot stand it when someone speaks truth to power. Our 'Universities Of Thought' are an embarrassment.

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