Saturday, March 20, 2010

Manning Center Networking Conference

Alan Gregg Andre Turcotte

Kevin Gaudet , Nigel Wright, Tasha Kherridin, Kory Teneycke, Nicholas Gafuik

Bill Robson

Cliff Fryers Kate Bahen, Charity Intelligence Senator Hugh Segal

Robert Willington

Kory Teneckye

David Akin

Tim Hudak

Preston Manning Deb Grey

Brett Wilson Cliff Fryers

I attended the Manning Center Networking Conference last week in Ottawa. It was a great week of seeing old friends and discussing how conservatives could grow the movement.

There were many interesting sessions. The first session was with Andre Turcotte and Alan Gregg. It was analysis of a Harris Decima poll. It shows that the extreme left in this country is vanishingly small. So why are they so overrepresented in universities? They also posited Canadians are socially conservative, but don't want government to enforce their views.
There were several other interesting panels. Tim Hudak gave a great speech extolling liberty.
There were great panels on charity and fundraising with Senator Segal and Kate Bahen. Kate is with a charity called Charity Intelligence. Her organization tries to do due diligence on charities.
David Akin tried to explain political reporting. He gave a good talk, but I am still deeply sceptical. He did admit there was a lot of reporter group think. He of course denied ani Tory bias. One of the grit cheerleaders, anti Tory kady o'malley, sat in the front row and of course chimed in when Kory Teneckye ( who was the other speaker on the panel) made a positive comment about HM PM Harper. Guess she just couldn't have that.
I already wrote Maxime Bernier's excellent session on Quebec.
Robert Willington, one of Senator Brown's campaign chiefs gave a great speech on the Brown campaign. It was an amazing story of grassroots activism. An inspiration to conservatives everywhere.
The last session was a conservative version of Dragon's Den, with one of the Dragons as a judge. The other three were Deb , Grey, Cliff Fryers and Prestoj Manning. My good friend Fred Litwin of the Free Thinking Film Society gave an amazing proposal for a conservative/libertarian film festival. He came in second, but he and the Manning center will still probably do such a project.
It was also nice to see Tasha and the new baby. I was also happy to meet many of my readers. She is adorable and precocious.
If you are intersted in conservative politics in Canada you should attend the 2011 conference.

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