Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Macdonald Laurier Institute on Aboriginal Educatopn

I have previously said we should get rid of the entire department of Indian Affairs and apportion the money to Native people. I believe the treaties with the Crown are sacred and must be honoured. This is a good idea when it comes to education. Its great to see this think tank already contributing valuable research. I congratulate Brian Lee Crowley and the MLI for this new research.

While certain bands have proven capable of effectively distributing the funds, many have not. This is why we propose phasing out the PSSSP and replacing it with a system in which funding for post-secondary education is given directly to Indian students. This can be done through the creation of an Aboriginal Post-Secondary Savings Account (APSSA) opened at birth for every Registered Indian. A basic amount would be paid into each account on its creation, and this money would earn interest until the account holder becomes eligible to draw money out. To this basic amount (plus interest) would be added a further payment on the successful completion of each year of secondary education. Upon graduation from secondary school, students could use the funds for any bona fide post-secondary education program, at a trade school, college, or university. There would be strict controls to ensure that money intended to cover tuition would be paid directly from the account to the post-secondary institution. This would ensure transparency by offering the money directly to the student, and avoid the current shortcomings related to transparency, waste, and corruption. Moreover, it would ensure fairness and consistency for Indian students, regardless of band or region.

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