Thursday, March 11, 2010

Look what you get for $300000

Psycho babble. Most Quebecers have no wish to risk their families' futures on the risk of separation. They have voted NO twice. The separatists just don't get it. No matter how they manipulate the situation, they will not get winning conditions. Quebec city could have better spent $300000 of taxpayer dollars. Perhaps they could put up more bilingual signs for tourists/
QUEBEC — Quebec will never separate from Canada because the French and English are locked in a sado-masochistic love relationship, says Clotaire Rapaille, a marketing guru hired to rebrand Quebec City.

Rapaille told a breakfast meeting of communications experts he finds a lot of "love" in the city. But there is a kinky side to that love, he said, citing the alternately tense-relaxed relations between francophones and anglophones.

"That makes the best couples, the most stable," he added, when asked where Quebec's independence fits into his scenario.

"There is pleasure in sado-masochism," Rapaille said. "Otherwise it would not work."

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