Saturday, March 27, 2010

liberal travers is very sad

This is quite a column. This is the 4th column this week from the red star on how pathetic iffy and the grits are. They seem to be giving up on the grits. Perhaps the red star will become the dipper paper. That would make it a really "ptogressive paper."

So Liberals have as much reason to be surprised as disappointed. This weekend they find themselves following a supposedly brainy leader who has yet to generate a single riveting idea or tell a gripping story.

Behind hands and over designer coffees, Liberals wonder how Ignatieff has made his prodigal return and the party's resurrection so achingly difficult. By now, he should be filling the tactical campaign blanks, not noodling toward a strategic vision while apologizing for his latest blunder, this week's abortion pratfall....
These things Liberals should hold self-evident. Instead, the party roils around the knees of marquee gurus while fussing and fretting that it should have opted for seasoned Bob Rae last time, even as it ogles camera-ready Justin Trudeau for the next.

None of that softens the hard truth delivered unvarnished by a former Liberal cabinet minister: The Liberal brand is badly damaged and may not sustain another hit.

Sensing the dangers, Liberals are now looking for something to carry them through the next election while they wait for the next messiah. Instead, they should be searching their souls for who they are and what, if anything, they believe.

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