Monday, March 15, 2010

lefty media want an election

This article urges iffy to roll the dice. I guess the authour didn't realize the grits are having a "big ideas" event at the end of the month. That should further deplete their limited financial reserves. The " big ideas conference probably will be a bust.
By all means iffy listen to the media and friendly pollsters. The Tories are ready ready , willing and able to defeat you.

Did Michael Ignatieff miss an opportunity to display strong leadership and defeat the Conservative government?

Quite likely, yes.

It is true that the last time the Liberals tried to push an election, it proved controversial - though in large part because the Conservatives were able to control the political discourse. By passing up confidence votes, the federal Liberals risk being seen as abrogating their role as official opposition, something that is damaging in the eyes of progressive voters who want to see a strong opposition to the Harper government.

Furthermore, it is almost comical to see an official opposition say they are opposed to something, only to purposely not have enough MPs show up for the vote in Parliament in order to prevent the government from falling on a non-confidence vote. It is things like this that foster public cynicism in politics.

In politics it is difficult - if not impossible - to predict the future. The Conservatives do have a significant advantage in fundraising. They also have the edge in the polls, but in this case it is only a marginal lead as they remain in a virtual dead-heat with the Liberals. Considering the unpredictability of politics, it would be wrong to naturally assume that the Conservatives would form another government if an election were held in the near future.


wilson said...

The media is running out of ideas for faux scandals....

Iffy's Opposition day is going to be avout 10%ers.
Not prorogation, Afghan detainees, contempt of Parliament or any other media driven outrage.

Jen said...

Do you know how many terrorist groups want the opposition parties in government.

The media well they are whipping boys they too don't mind how or ever canada goes as long as it is in the hands of the liberal coalition parties.

The media wants to bring down the conservative government for no reason at all.

Hugo Chavez like media in canada is what you see daily. Pride respect love for their country is nowhere to be found; not even in the smallest bone in their body.

In the canada media view, there is no conservative party there is only liberals but this time the liberals are not alone-the ndp,and the bloc have joined the crowd of liberals as a COALITION.

Whatever Layton wants he will get as well as the BLOC because they both know that the media is now on their side to do with as they please.
That's right Roy, Liberals are not alone.

Layton, Duceppe and Conservatives know very well that the national media belong to the liberals and no other not even to regular canadians. But since the NDP is a fringe party and know that the liberals are corruption hey why not use them for themselves(NDP) to impliment their wildest ideas into law. For instance: very high taxes on big businesses which provides jobs for thousands of people; support all big unions, protectionism, kyoto and so on.
The BLOC, well, they too would demand their fair share and we know what that would be.
And another thing, the markets will fall drastically and everything we worked for will go to waste.

If canada want to go along with the liberal coalition parties to suffer downfall in the economy go right ahead and bring down the Conservatives.

But here's a reminder which the media fail to take into account:
ALBERTA SASK and a couple of other provinces with their wealth in resources will 'SEPARATE.'


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