Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lawrence Martin on Tory vision

Martin talks wistfully of how HM PM Harper is actually making big changes to the Canada. We have much , much more to do. It is nice to see these grit apologists gnash their teeth over an effective Tory government.

)ne area in which the Conservatives lost their ideological way was their proclivity for big spending. But their new budgeting augurs a shut-off of the taps. Their consistent tax cutting, meanwhile, has resulted in a smaller revenue base that will inhibit future Liberal-styled big-spending initiatives.

Not one for fancy phrases, Mr. Harper has never articulated a vision. He just enacts one. To look at the country now – compared to the welfare-state, peacenik era of Pierre Trudeau – is to see a remarkably different coloration.

Whether or not the public likes it, right-side values are taking hold. The visionless party, philosophically at loose ends, is the Liberal one. The governing side knows where it's going and how to get there.

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Jen said...

There is only one vision which the National media(CBC CTV G/M T/S)and the liberals and their coalitions partners have together in mind-'THEMSELVES' and no other.

I Support Lord Black