Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Lawrence Martin is again afraid. HM Pm Harper will reintroduce the elimination electoral welfare again. I am sure it will get a lot of support from the Canadian public. Why should political parties get public subsidies. let them learn to raise money from their grassroots, like the Tories and the dippers.

The Tories don’t have to worry that the opposition parties will rush to form a coalition to block the funding measure this time. The Governor General wouldn’t turn power over to a coalition at this stage. There would have to be an election, one Harper would probably win.

Putting the funding measure in the campaign platform is the smart way to go about achieving the change. This way, the Tories can slip it in under the radar. It won’t be a major campaign issue and if it does come up, they can argue that in difficult economic times, the public should not be funding political parties.

Opposition parties argue that a return to private financing of parties opens the doors to all kinds of abuses, some of which are seen in the U.S. system. But it’s doubtful they would be complaining if they knew how to raise money like Harper and company.


CanadianSense said...

Without this subsidy we will have each party unable to threaten an election.

$ 20 million for a national campaign and tv is the biggest expense.

We get less TV spots and less threats by opposition. Win-Win

Brian said...

I really hope PM Harper follows through with this , as the BQ gets support from 100% of Canadian voters , most of whom have no respect for the BQ and would NEVER vote for them.

Personally if I was PM I would use it NOW , and watch the opposition try to defend it. If the opposition forced an election .. so be it!

Kunoichi said...

Yes! Get rid of the subsidies. Then bring in a new requirement for federal parties: along with the minimum number of ridings represented, any party that wants to be a federal party has to have people running in at least 2 provinces. Otherwise, they can run for provincial government only.

gimbol said...

I'm with you Kunoichi, the two province minimum rule would push federal parties that want official status to think twice about incurring into provincial jurisdiction just to pander for votes.
I would however leave the caveat that there is a difference between official and registered.

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