Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Israel apartheid week

I strongly oppose Israel apartheid week. Why they have this week and have no protests of the systematic murder and persecution of non Muslims, in many Muslim lands is puzzling. I guess these students forgot Iran, Burma and Zimbabwe and North Korea. They probably highly approve of Cuba's dictatorial regime and wear che t-shirts.If anyone had any doubts, I am a strong supporter of the state of Israel. It is a democratic ally in a sea of tyranny. This week I am wearing my Israel Canada pin.
Yesterday I went to listen to Prof. Barry Rubin of GLORIA. Prof Rubin has been closely following the Middle east for thirty years. He gave a two hour seminar on the issue. I will try and post the video when I get it.
He basically gave the long term view of the middle east. He posits that Pan Arab Nationalism which has been an utter failure , except in keeping corrupt dictatorial regimes in power is the main reason that peace with Israel, is not likely any time soon. Pan nationalism wants to drive out the west, get rid of Israel and have one great Arab nation. He also says that there is the more violent jihadis who are even worse. He posits 205 of people in Arab lands are backers of the jihadis and most are pan nationalists. The democratic forces in these lands are very small and have decided to back the nationalists over the jihadis. He also was not very complimentary of barack obama, saying his naivete had set back the peace process somewhat.
He sees the imminent threat of a nuclear Iran as bringing many more recruits to the jihadi cause and bringing more death and destruction throughout the world.
An interesting seminar, but depressing, at least in the short term. I was glad the professor was allowed to speak and was treated politely.
Prof Rubin has a very interesting blog.

Professor Barry Rubin - "How the PLO 'Adapted' Antisemitism as 'Anti-Zionism'" from YIISA on Vimeo.

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