Monday, March 15, 2010


The PQ has expelled a very left wing faction that has been criticizing pauline marois for being too right wing. Marois insists she is a lefty. The PQ is a coalition of right and left wing separatists. Since there is little chance of separation any time soon, many of the right wing have left. It is nice to see that marois doesn't want total union control of the pq, but this is not a major shift for the leftist pq.

The Parti Québécois has expelled a left-wing “political club” from its ranks, claiming the group's vocal criticism of Leader Pauline Marois's shift to the right was undermining party unity.

The purge took place at a PQ forum on the weekend at which Ms. Marois said rank-and-file party members had grown weary of the attacks and decided to sever all ties with Syndicalistes et progressistes pour un Québec libre.

“Rank-and-file members no longer related to the group,” Ms. Marois said at a news conference. “But we continue to be a progressive party, more to the centre-left.”

SPQ-Libre spokesman Marc Laviolette called the expulsion an attempt to silence a dissident voice in the PQ, which is becoming more conservative and right-wing under Ms. Marois.

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Anonymous said...

quebec will never separate. It would mean they would have to pay for their
own over the top social system. The solution to the problem is for the ROC to vote "special" quebec out of confederation. I believe Canada would thrive without the "country" of quebec feeding off us.

Rob C

I Support Lord Black