Monday, March 15, 2010

In defense of Tarek Fatah

I think Tarek Fatah is perfectly within his rights to criticize Wafa Sultan. Just as I support Sultan's right to make the comments she does. I understand that she has suffered more at the hands of the johadis than any of us and I understand her anger. Even I feel she is sometimes over the top in her criticism of Islam. I oppose jihadis/ Islamists. I don't deny Muslims the right to practice their faith. Tarek has been a willing ally in this fight against radical Islam. We need more people like Tarek to help us in this just battle against the medieval forces of darkness. Alienating average Muslims is a bad idea in this fight. I have many friends of the Muslim faith. I see them as allies against the jihadis. There are many things in the Old Testament which are troubling to me, but I am still devoutly Christian. For me the revealed word of God is not always easily understood. How does insulting the Muslim faith help? It just makes it easier for the jihadists to recruit.
Tarek Fatah is my friend. We are diametrically opposed on many issues( he is much more of a lefty than I am), but he is still my friend. Making enemies of allies is a very bad idea.


Rose said...

I understand why he was angry and hurt, but the fact is women and little girls are treated appallingly in Muslim Nations she never forgets that fact. I respect him and I also respect his right to have an opinion.

Anonymous said...

They both have the right to their opinions, but Fatah shouldn't make up fake quotes to express his.

natasha said...

I agree with Anonymous -- Fatah made up quotes and even insinuated that Sultan had a death ultimatum on her mind for Muslims. That was inexcusable. By making that statement, which was an absolute lie, he has made her life more dangerous now.

natasha said...

At the very least, you should have posted the link to the excellent rebuttal as well:

Counterpoint: In defence of Wafa Sultan

Anonymous said...

I still remember when Tarek was on a TVO panel with other Muslims and as a commercial came up he made a quick comment that Christians caused 100'000'000 deaths in the 20th Century, then he defended the oppressive Caliphate by claiming that Muslims are ordered by the Quran to make Canada an Islamic State once they are the Majority.

Funny how he quickly changed his tune after 3 Terrorist cells were exposed and some convicted by their own admission to being guilty.
Tareks website actually defended several Illegals on bogus ID and fake Passports,but what he didn't say was that the RCMP rounded up almost 30 Illegals to be given the boot and not just the 17 Pakistani students from a know Terrorism producing area of Pakistan.

The media can be a double-edge sword when you try to smear canada,Tareks own statements still exists in the archives and either he mislead TVO back then or he Mislead us today.
It can't be both.

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