Friday, March 12, 2010

IMFC conference

Dr Wade Horn

HM Minister of Human Resources, Diane Findlay, MP Mike Savage Dave Quist

Dr Miriam Grossman

Dr Brian Lee Crowley

I was at the IMFC conference Beyond the front door: Engaging families for strong economic and social policymaking. It was a very interesting day. The speakers were great. I particularly enjoyed Brian Crowley, who has a chapter in his book about family as a bedrock value in Canada. Prof Horn was co founder of the Father Initiative in the US and spoke of the value of fatherhood. It is strange that we have to have a campaign touting the importance of fathers, but the radical left has devalued fatherhood for some time. I asked a question to Dr Horn about the war against boys and men and he concurred that that battle is indeed going on.
Dr Grossman has written some interesting books on sex education and its takeover by radical leftist ideology.
The day ended with a "debate" between HM Minister of Human resources, Diane Findlay and opposition critic Mike Savage. HM Minister Findlay laid out the Tory vision on childcare which is giving money to all parents monthly ad creating some extra day care spaces in the private sector. Savage trotted out the grit national daycare strategy, without costing it, and defended it as good for children's education. He also touted it as choice for Canadaians. I and several other questioners asked if the grits would cancel the Tory plan if elected . They wouldn't if elected. We also asked about would he give an equal amount of the subsidy to parents who choose to have one parent stay at home. He repeatedly obfuscated on that question. Savage and the grits are very impressed with the out of control Quebec plan. He didn't answer questions about tyhe massive costs of the Quebec model. The grit plan would cost tens of billions of dollars.
It was interesting and enlightening day. Some of the researchers of the IFMC also shared their groundbreaking research. The IFMC is a great resource for reseaerchers who study these issues. I congratulate Dave Quist, Andrea Mrozek and their team for their excellent work.

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