Tuesday, March 16, 2010

iffy not in house

One wonders why iffy made all that fuss about prorogation. he is now no longer in the house. He is on tour. 29 of his mps were absent for important votes. The grit opposition is a sham. They complain about pseudo scandals and avoid debate on substantive issues. The grits offered no amendments to the budget. Here's a big idea for the iffy ideas conference, perhaps you should show up for your own opposition day and propose an actual usefull policy.

“After Eight Days, Ignatieff Prorogues Himself…,” is the headline of an internal memo sent by Tory party officials in which they note the Liberal Leader was a no-show in the House of Commons Monday.

“Ignatieff is nowhere to be found,” says the cheeky memo, which is sent to Conservative officials, MPs and supporters.

Bolstering their case is that Mr. Ignatieff missed his caucus’s opposition day – a designated day on which the Liberals are allowed to debate a subject of their own choice.

Yesterday, they opted to tackle the wastefulness of taxpayer-funded mailings, called ten per centers. They argued these mass-mailing flyers are overly partisan and wasteful; they want them cut.

“Well, well, well,” the Tory memo says. “Look who’s not bothering to show up in Parliament for work today after only eight days of parliamentary sittings. That’s right – it’s Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff.”


Jen said...

Not a problem for him, FIFEGATE will take over while IGNATIEFF prorogues.

Have you checked CBC hq. I am sure Taber and gang know where he is.

CanadianSense said...

He is doing his part to add Co2 to the environment.
The Pub Crawl has been extended. The Rock is a great place to visit. He must be racking a large number of Air Miles for his next trip for France.

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