Thursday, March 04, 2010

I didn't think he would

I haven't fully looked over the budget yet. I am disappointed that spending was not slashed. Indeed we seem to be spending billions more. It does seem that iffy will not try and trigger an election, inspite of advice from his shill Frank Graves. iffy's new strategy, some grits will vote against these measures and some will not. I guess it is a version of the grit flu.

The Liberals will not move to bring down the Harper government over today's budget.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is not offering his full support to the government's fiscal plan, as laid out by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty; but he made it clear the Opposition will not provoke a political crisis over it.

“Canadians have said they don’t want an election,” Mr. Ignatieff told reporters outside the House of Commons.

He said Liberals will vote against the budget, but not in sufficient numbers to defeat the Conservatives.

Liberal support will be crucial given that NDP Leader Jack Layton said he cannot support a budget that leaves behind the victims of the recession but allows billions of dollars in tax breaks for banks.The Bloc Québécois also said it won't support the budget.

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