Thursday, March 25, 2010

hrcs are embarassing Canada

Even the Montreal Gazette gets it. Even the globe gets it. The Times Colonist gets it. The National Post always got it.

University of Ottawa disgraces itself


Ann Coulter is better understood as an entertainer - a "shock pundit" - than as a political commentator. She has more in common with, say, Howard Stern than with any real political columnist. But no matter how you classify her, the treatment she received from the University of Ottawa this week was a disgrace.

So we're gratified and amused that Coulter says she will file a Human Rights Commission complaint about the politically-correct prior restraint the school tried to impose upon her.

Fran├žois Houle, the university's provost, cautioned Coulter in an email "to educate yourself, if need be, as to what is acceptable in Canada" before speaking. He warned of the possibility of criminal charges for hate speech. (Oddly, Houle sent no such warning to campus organizers of last month's "Israeli Apartheid" Week.)

Most Canadians get it.

Should Ann Coulter weigh her words when speaking to a Canadian audience?

It is time to send a clear message to the censors on the u of o campus and in the hrcs. The hrcs empower petty, nasty people like francois houle to make such outlandish comments, but only to certain people in certain groups. I really do hope Ann Coulter pursues this human rights complaint against this censor.

It is unlikely, however, Mr. Houle will see anything amusing in this. And if she actually follows through with her threat, it could mean that Canadians will be seeing and hearing a lot more from Ms. Coulter as she wages her campaign to bestow free speech on a grateful nation. We will have only Mr. Houle to thank.

The Tyranny of Nice must be disbanded.It is time to get rid of section 13 federally. It is time to get rid of the hrcs altogether. As Ezra says Fire Them All.


CanadianSense said...

Great post. Who are "they" to decide what is allowed?

When did they become the gatekeepers of speech?

A push back with lawfare from the conservative side would be welcomed.

Will the HRC and the other gatekeepers of what is tolerable be brought before the light of public scrutiny?

Let's hope so. A full apology won't cut it.

flexwong said...

I would pay to see Ezra Levant and Ann Coulter square off against the Ontario HRC and the idiot who runs it, Barbara Hall.

Jen said...

IF the extremist can hold rallies to diss ISRAEL.
Ann Coulter can say what she wants.

Now you know why Canada doesn't have a 'Conservative' National television media like the Americans do. is because the lefties don't want canadians to know anything of what is happening under the lefty regime.
Thank God for FOX, they actually speak for us canadians as well, who feel betrayed by their own national media.
As for the HRC, let see whose side they are in this time.

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