Saturday, March 13, 2010

HM PM Stephen Harper and Tory accomplishments

Even Michel Den Tandt sees accomplishments of HM Government. I again had a chance to meet HM PM at the reception for the Manning Center Pyramid awards. The reception was at the amazing Canadian war Museum. HM PM looked relaxed and spoke to many of the guests, including me. He and Mrs Harper looked great. HM PM has really grown into the job. It is more than 4 years that he has been HM PM. The grits are still reduced to talking about secret agendas.
I am glad HM PM is using youtube and other social media to get out our message. I still think the best is yet to come.
Here’s the thing about Prime Minister Stephen Harper: He’s beginning to garner a resume he can be proud of and no one can take away, regardless of what happens from here on.

He’s been in office four years. He’s made mistakes — some whoppers. But he’s also got a few things, some quite big things, right. Especially recently. Only the most churlish of his political opponents will deny it.

This was very evident Thursday in the PM’s live cast on YouTube. The web stuff? Good on the PMO for jumping into the 21st century. But that’s not what was intriguing about the speech.

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Jen said...

You explain to me Roy, how is it that the Afghans have moved away from the taliban media to have their own with women running th show.
How is it that canada still have the liberals brow beating insulting media which we are 'FORCED' to pay for to be manipulated like we live in some third world country. I guess we do live in a third world country when it comes to media reporting.
Hugo Chavez controls his media to do his will(lie) to the public about his insanity. The same here, Liberals control the media to do their will(lie and manipulate the public)about the liberals corruption.
Obama would sooner be welcome by CBC and be graciously treated by them than the PMSH. PM knows that and so do we.

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