Thursday, March 04, 2010

haroon siddiqui , Tory strategist?

An interesting piece from a leftist at the red star. his analysis is not completely wrong, which is unusual for him. He states the opposition is ineffective and the economy is rapidly improving. Even with another minority it will 7-8 years of Tory rule. My problem with this analysis is that I think we should let the economy improve yet more. We don't really need an election right now. let the grits defeat us if there must be an election. How about it grits. Why don't you and your socialist friends bring down HM Government.

Calling an election may create a backlash against Harper. Perhaps. But this usually lasts no more than a week, after which more substantive issues take over.

Why should Harper bother with an election when he's already governing as if he has a majority? The opposition is ineffective and not even pretending to try to topple the government. Ignatieff's staff is said to want another year to rebrand him and Layton has been diagnosed with cancer.

But when the opposition is in disarray is precisely when a prime minister tries to consolidate his rule.

Harper may not win his coveted majority, especially considering that he has not made inroads into Quebec. But emerging even with another minority will clear the decks for another two, if not three, years, by which time he would have governed for seven, and changed the face of Canada.

The biggest factor going for an election is the economy.

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