Sunday, March 07, 2010

haroon is back to his old tricks

 haroon is mad that the dippers and the grits won't go along with the anti semitic hate fest that is Israel apartheid week. I went to a few counter events at McGill last week. They were both balanced and done with respect.. Perhaps the iaw peopl could learn from these events. There events just seem angry and nasty. I doubt many people are listening to them. It's always easy to blame others for your woes. This is an extension of the anti western hatred that permeates the left.  The Arab Israeli journalist Abu Tomah said he would rather live in Israel than any other Arab land. I suspect most Palestinians would secretly agree.
Yet both opposition parties have joined the Conservatives in condemning Israeli Apartheid Week. That's the yearly student-run campaign on a dozen Canadian campuses, plus another 30 locations around the world, to highlight violations of Palestinian human rights.
The Conservatives are at least consistent. They openly and proudly side with those who want to shut down any criticism of Israel. The opposition parties, on the other hand, seem to be sending mixed signals.
In reality, they are not. They are on the same page as the Tories. In going after Harper for the chaos at the rights agency, they have been careful to criticize him and his appointees mostly for mismanagement. They have not defended the agency's mission to probe possible violations of human rights, including the rights of Palestinians.

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