Monday, March 29, 2010

the grit think fest

The Grit think fest was very depressing. The policies announced should keep the grits in opposition for a very long time. The grits have endorsed Tory deficit cutting, but will propose billions in uncosted and unsustainable goodies. They are and continue to be tax and spend grits. it would be interesting if they endorsed two tier healkth care, but there is  no chance of that. unfortunately that is also true of HM Government.

Discussions at the Liberal's three-day Deep Thinkers Summit were thoroughly depressing -- which means the conference was successful as an academic exercise and a probable failure as the party's political fix.
Straight-shooting speakers filled the hall with gloomy future scenarios and impossible solutions under hostile headlines like those generated by an attack on the lost, soulless, conniving Liberal party from diplomat Robert Fowler, who tongue-lashed delegates into shocked silence on Sunday with a profoundly insightful, must-hear speech on Canada's misguided foreign policy.

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