Tuesday, March 23, 2010

grit mps should stay at home

Given the recent comments of the vile carolyn bennet about motherhood, it is not surprising that iffy wants his trained seals to stay at home. His trained seals obvious like bennet obviously need more training, who when she is not scaring Native children she is insulting mothers. Maybe ross rebagliati could tutor the trained seals on getting out that message. hedy fry could lecture on burning crosses in her front yarrd. joe volpe could give a lecture on fundraising from children. john mccallum could give a course on identifying cars made in North America. ruby dhalla could give a course on how to try servants. justin trudeau could give a lecture on the proper use of hair mousse. dosanj and rae could give a course on hypocrisy, but the grits already excel at that.

It isn’t even a party love-in.

On the contrary, the event is strictly invitation only for about 250 Grit heavies.

The vast majority of grassroots members and even elected parliamentarians need not apply.

Instead, MPs are being encouraged to set up “policy events” in their respective ridings, and connect to the Montreal confab by Internet. Think politics in cyber-tedium.

A senior Liberal official defends the event as part of an ongoing process to bring new ideas to a party that could certainly use some, new or otherwise.

“If you want to refresh the thinking well, you have to go outside your immediate surroundings,” he said.

Some MPs are apparently not amused.

A Liberal source tells us several MPs went ballistic at last week’s closed-door caucus meeting over not being invited to the Montreal gabfest.

When a party official stood up and said MPs were invited, someone else took the microphone and said they weren’t, but it would be better to talk about it somewhere else.

Liberal organization, like policy, is clearly a work in progress.

Iggy and the Eggheads, there ought to be a band.


CanadianSense said...

I agree with the Liberal executive, Donolo, Ignatieff have realized the MP's and Senators are not helping.

If he could just fire them like he did his staff he would have already.

The job is to restore the Liberal brand to some credibility and by muzzling them might from this conference is the first of many to come.

Look at QP and their behaviour in attacking our troops, American allies. Clearly they are not fit for prime time.

wilson said...

'scaring Native children' and telling Mom's to ditch the kids and get a real job.....I think Ms Bennett has some personal (childhood?) issues.

But then again, it is very Liberal to preach the love of one's self.

I Support Lord Black