Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Governor Palin on Discovery

I like Governor Palin. The lefty media is genuinely afraid of her, that's why they spend so much time trying to knock her down. I will be meeting her in April. She will make a great TV host. Her new show should be a conservative version of Oprah.
Sarah Palin to Discovery? You betcha.

Discovery Communications is expected to announce that it has won the Sarah Palin tourney. The cabler had been a front-runner to land the untitled Alaska-themed series, to be produced by Mark Burnett Prods., along with A&E.

Earlier today, word emerged, however, that A&E was likely no longer in the running, leaving Discovery as the presumptive winner.

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Lynn said...

The comments at the link are certainly NOT flattering to Palin!

The same people that will object to Discovery hiring Palin,seem to have no objections when they air one of those programs showing Anthropogenic Global Warming as fact, not theory.

Palin's no longer a politician, but a conservative celebrity. She can probably do more good and less harm in that capacity.

Good luck to her in her new career.


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