Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Excellent News

Tory Senators are exposing the evil that is the hrc thought police and the censor houle. I am very pleased. The letter sent by the censor houle was pure communism and one of the senators pointed that out. The persecution of Guy Earle was mentioned. It is time for HM Government to follow through on the motion from the Tory convention. We overwhelmingly passed a motion condemning section 13.1. Section 13.1 of the federal hrc legislation must be abolished. Preferably the whole hrc madness must be toppled. As Ezra says fire them all.
Great work Senators Findlay, Wallin, Duffy and Tkachuk,

OTTAWA — Senator Doug Finley led a call Tuesday to scrap a section of Canada's Human Rights Act that he and other Conservative senators say is being used to stifle free speech in Canada.

Finley was one of a quartet of Tory senators to lead a Senate inquiry into free speech rights in Canada, rights they felt had come under attack when the speech by a controversial American pundit at an Ottawa university was cancelled and again when a woman in Vancouver sued a comedian because she didn't like jokes aimed at her.

"Despite our 400-year tradition of free speech, the tyrannical instinct to censor still exists," Finley said. "We saw it on a university campus last week. And we see it every week in Canada's misleadingly named human rights commissions."

Saskatchewan Senator David Tkachuk picked up on Finley's theme to excoriate the University of Ottawa's administration for what he saw as failures of leadership that led to the cancellation of a speech there last week by controversial American pundit Ann Coulter. The event's organizers cancelled the event believing that the safety of neither Coulter nor the event's participants could be guaranteed in the face of an angry group of several hundred protesters who argued that Coulter had a history of hate speech.

"But the mob took its cue from the provost," Tkachuk told the Senate. The provost, university vice-president Francois Houle, sent a letter to Coulter before the event cautioning her about Canada's speech laws, specifically the prohibitions in the human rights act.

"The letter closed with a line that could have come straight out of the re-education camps of Pol Pot's Cambodia," Tkachuk said.


CanadianSense said...

It will be nice for the MP's and Senators to engage on the big stuff for a change.

The drive by smears on personal failings is too small.

Free Speech vs Political correctness is the right size.

I can't imagine Eddie Murphy stand up comedy routine being allowed today.

natasha said...

Don't put on your party hat just yet. I think the whole thing is just a lot of fluff to appease the masses who've been clamoring for a return to real freedom.

Read Finley's point #5:
To inspire a debate that may lead to a re-definition of Section 13.1 of the Human Rights Act

They have zero intention of scrapping Section 13; they simply want to "redefine" it. It needs scrapping, and they have no intention of doing that. The entire corrupt "Human Rights" regime needs to be scrapped, or we'll continue to see more Ted Kindos, John Fultons, the McDonald's handwashing case, and so on.

Blue collar Blue said...

Committees control their own fate,so let's see where this goes.
Nice start though.

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