Saturday, March 06, 2010

Even the red star understands

The second relatively positive column in the red star. walkom like his friend siddiqui are notoriously anti Tory. Even he seems to admit that the economy is getting better and the grits have squandered their opportunities yet again. He does of course take the time to mention the non issues of prorogationand the Afghan detainees, but generally a positive article. h/t

That story, sketched out in Wednesday's Throne Speech, is that the bad times are effectively over and that the country can now set its sights on a brighter future – one in which, under the leadership of a far-sighted Harper government, Canadians will be able to replicate the achievements of their Olympic athletes and create a brand new tomorrow.

Just how the country gets to this tomorrow is left vague. There are the usual Conservative bows to deregulation, low taxes and unrestricted foreign investment, leavened with a Liberalish soup├žon of skills training and support for high tech.

Wednesday's Throne Speech even trotted out the standard wheezes about productivity and competitiveness – which are lines governments always use when they want to distract attention from the here and now.

But when material conditions are on the way back up, these are also lines that tend to work.

Much has been made in the past two months over the Liberal rise in public opinion polls – a rise attributed, in large part, to Harper's unpopular decision to suspend Parliament in order to avoid political scrutiny over the issue of Afghan detainees.

But the real message of the polls is how well the Conservatives are doing. In spite of presiding over the worst recession since the Great Depression, in spite of being in charge during the most unpopular war in Canadian history, they remain – at worst – in a dead heat with the Liberals.

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The Red Star has got something right; well, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

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