Wednesday, March 17, 2010

duceppe wants to sell separatism

across Canada and the world... I guess he has given up selling it in Quebec. It's like my friends said last year. Quebec will only leave if Canad pushes it out kicking and screamimg and that will never happen.

uceppe to try and sell sovereign message

By ELIZABETH THOMPSON, Parliamentary Bureau

OTTAWA — His party may only run candidates in Quebec but Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe will be hitting the road across Canada and across Europe this year to sell his party’s sovereignist message.

Unveiling its 2010 action plan Wednesday, the Bloc said over the coming year it will also work to convince Quebecers that they are better in a sovereign Quebec because a constitutional offer that meets Quebec’s needs will never come.


Gary said...

I support M. Duceppe's message 100%. I encourage all people inside and outside Quebec to get behind the Quebec separation movement. Please, please leave as soon as possible. Your unending demands for more and more money from the rest of Canada will never be missed. Canada will be happier and richer with an independent Quebec and so will Quebec, I assume, from the message that M. Duceppe is selling. Please leave soon!

Charlie98 said...

M. Duceppe is doing the right thing. Quebec is considering using the notwithstanding clause to circumvent a language ruling. I can only conclude that Quebec doesn't want diversity and will not embrace diversity.

IIRC there is a portion of Quebec that would very much like to separate from Quebec and while they may not represent a majority of people within Quebec they do represent a large physical portion of Quebec which just happens to contain most of the natural resources.

So, let Duceppe and friends leave. All I ask is that the same option be given to those who don't want togo. Break it up, just don't let them steal from those who want to remain in Canada.

CanadianSense said...

If Canada is divisble so is Quebec. Those treaty lands should be settled with the Federal Government and the Aboriginals before any negotiation can begin in earnest with a successful vote to separate.

Powell lucas said...

Mr. Duceppe has picked the most opportune time to open up the sovereignty argument. (I always thought he was the most politically astute party leader. He reads Quebec like a book.)He may get his wish this time around.

I get the sense that there won't be the massive support for keeping Quebec in Confederation from the rest of Canada like the last referendum. Even the most supportive of the non-Quebec politicians are starting to question some of the demands coming from that province.

This may be the real fish-or-cut-bait time for the separatist cause. They will not face the spontaneous outburst of Canadian angst at the thought of separation which will, in turn, be used by Mr. Duceppe to claim that Canadians don't care about Quebec's aspirations.

If he wins he becomes de facto leader of a new nation and the map of Canada is changed.

If he loses, in the face of so much animosity from the rest of Canada, then the idea of separation is done as an instrument to club concessions from the federal government.

Personally, I prefer the former. Even without the separatist club, Quebec will still continue to draw huge sums in transfer payments while they whine about how their needs are not being met.

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