Sunday, March 14, 2010

The disgraceful opposition

The shameful behaviour of marlene jennings, wayne easter and my own mp mulcair in question period continues unabated. mulcair didn't jump over any desks this time but almost.

But neither is there any justification for the outrage of Prince Edward Island Liberal Wayne Easter, who yields to no other member when it comes to rhetorical excess and phony outrage. Exceptionally, Easter was allowed two questions out of sequence, both of which he used to attack Guergis and call for her resignation for calling P.E.I. "a hellhole, or worse." Except that, as Transport Minister John Baird pointed out, she has "sincerely apologized", and in the traditions of the House, the matter ends there.

The behaviour of Jennings, Easter, and Mulcair is consistently over the top and across the line. Fortunately, they are not admired by younger members of their caucuses who cringe in embarrassment at their grandstanding.

There are promising members of the Liberal and NDP caucus sitting in the fourth and fifth rows of the House, heads down, doing their work, learning their trade, waiting for their moment.

Actually, it can't come soon enough. The only game their elders know is the politics of personal destruction. It's worse than disheartening. It's disgraceful.


CanadianSense said...

The opposition can't attack on Jobs, the economy things that really matter so they need to attack on the character of the MP's. Angelo Perischilli did an article today.

I wrote about the games on the Hill in November 2009. H1N1, torch relay, novelty cheques etc. They have nothing to do but paint this gov't as an extreme right wing party.

Wayne, Denis both signed the security certificate of the person who is now suing for $ 24 million. That is 12 million each for their signature.

hunter said...

I noticed Ruby cringing at Jennings during her rant, which is funny because Ruby is normally just as bad.

The Liberals ALWAYS attack female MP's, that's why Baird stands up and defends them, they don't dare mess with him. Remember how they ranted about Rona getting her hair done at a conference?

Martin said...

With Marlene Jennings, her actions are worse then they first appear. According to Liberal web material, she is a lawyer, with 9 years experience on the Quebec Police Commission and was Deputy Commissioner on Police Ethics. She, more than most people is familiar with the administration of justice and the separation of police, prosecutor and judge roles. Still she manages to spew this libelous garbage in QP. Oh, by the way she is listed as Deputy House Leader for the Opposition.

James Walker said...

Mulcair and Esater are also regular guests of left wing radio host Micahel Harris on CFRA in Ottawa.

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