Friday, March 26, 2010

Despicable vermin

I almost vomited when I saw this. These people are truly despicable. The university should be ashamed that such people are in their employ. Unfortunately this is the calibre of people who teach our kids. The alumni should stop giving this "university" money and these buffoons should be ostracized. I have already called the office of the President. The University switchboard is 13065854111.

REGINA -- A group of professors at the University of Regina is protesting a scholarship program for the dependents of dead soldiers, arguing it promotes militarism.

"We think this program is a glorification of Canadian imperialism in Afghanistan," said Jeffrey Webber, one of 16 professors who drafted an open letter to university president Vianne Timmons.

The program, called Project Hero, provides financial aid for children of Canadian Forces personnel who have lost their lives while serving in an active mission. Individual universities establish the terms and conditions for the scholarship including value, duration and application process.


Brian said...

Since it was an open letter signed by all the 16 professors , just publish their names and department affiliation and let them take the heat.

Anonymous said...

The Canadian Press reports that one of the main themes at the Liberals gab fest is the need for more funding for higher education. If these professors are typical of those doing the teaching, and if the students at the University of Ottawa are typical of the trash we are turning out, then...why bother.

Honey Pot said...

We must never forget these same professors would not be teaching or preaching the nonsense they are spewing if it were not for the blood of a Canadian soldier. They should be so ashamed of themselves, but the left have no honor, therefore ,they feel no shame.

natasha said...

I couldn't agree more. It's unbelievable to me that anyone would object to this.

Anonymous said...

From the article:

"But it's not fair to students who need financial help and don't have soldiers in their families."

Mr. Walsh said universities should "match" help to dependents of fallen soldiers with other needy students who don't have any military connections.

Putting aside the ridiculous "Canadian Empire" comments, the professors are also objecting to the fact that not everyone can qualify for this scholarship. Really.

News flash guys - just about every scholarship out there has some kind of restriction on who can apply - women, minorities, children who's parents belong to the golf club etc. etc. etc. Shall I expect a similar letter denouncing the non-inclusiveness of other scholarships?

I'm not holding my breath.

Alberta Girl said...

Oh it gets better ...did you know that the children of professors get free son in law went all the way through his undergraduate AND his masters and paid NOTHING because his father is a professor.

Talk about hypocrasy!

Anonymous said...

The whole letter is there, along with the names of the 16 professors...

Anonymous said...

Nothing is stopping these professors from setting up scholarships for underprivileged students.

Brian said...

Regina Professor list :

To summarize, we are calling for:

(1) The immediate withdrawal of our university from “Project Hero”.
(2) An institutional deployment of public pressure on both orders of government to provide immediate funding sufficient for universal access to post-secondary education.
(3) A public forum on the war in Afghanistan and Canadian imperialism more generally to be held this semester before exams begin.


Joyce Green, Department of Political Science
J.F. Conway, Department of Sociology and Social Studies
George Buri, Department of History
Emily Eaton, Department of Geography
Jeffery R. Webber, Department of Political Science
David Webster, International Studies
Annette Desmarais, International Studies
Darlene Juschka, Women’s and Gender Studies and Religious Studies
Meredith Rogers Cherland, Faculty of Education
Garson Hunter, Social Work
John W. Warnock, Department of Sociology and Social Studies
William Arnal, Department of Religious Studies
Leesa Streifler, Department of Visual Arts
Carol Schick, Faculty of Education
Ken Montgomery, Faculty of Education
André Magnan, Department of Sociology and Social Studies"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Do note that none of these professors teach anything useful to the advancement of humanity. Their offerings are more in the nature of mental masturbation for self-indulgent "progressives" who'd rather not take the hard education that actually prepares them to be anything more than gadflies, bureaucrats and further generations of useless PhDs. Their petition would have more credibility if it actually included professors teaching real subjects such as engineering, the hard sciences, accounting, etc.

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