Monday, March 08, 2010

desperately seeking scandal

That is apptrently the grand vision of the grits. I heard Don Martin on Cross Country Checkup yesterdsay and he said the grits will get for nasty, because there is not much else they can do.
The Tories have pretty much neutered the grits. Some grit MP's can even tolerate an election only in 2012. iffy continues to disappoint many grits. I wonder what massive tax and spend policies the grit thinkers conference will recommend. Inpite of all this I do wish I could see more boldness from HM Government.

Tories in control of own destiny, Liberals need scandal to trigger election: Nanos
Libs need a 'political smash and grab' to boost numbers and pull election trigger, says pollster Nik Nanos.

Former Liberal MP Jean Lapierre says his onetime colleagues in the House of Commons were seized with a "malaise" as they meekly acknowledged they could not force an election over the budget and—despite two months of protest over Parliament's winter suspension—could not even utter the word "election."

Two Liberal MPs reflected the mood of caucus as they privately told The Hill Times an election is unlikely even before next year unless there is a dramatic shift in the polls and party leader Michael Ignatieff (Etobicoke Lakeshore, Ont.) miraculously catches on with the public.

"The leader's numbers are not good," said one of the MPs. The other replied "it's fine with me" when a reporter suggested it might even be two years before an election.

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Jen said...

Look, I don't give two hoots about the liberals and their lousey CBC CTV and stupid reporters who don't have the guts nor the stamina to ask liberals very serious questions instead of wallowing in each other's pity since they are not governing the country.
When I say 'they' I mean both the liberals and their media have been still are in bed with each other, for each and no one else-not even Canada is in their radar.

So really Roy, the game is over, let our country be run under this prime minister stephen harper. He has done a pretty good job under the circumstances; has promoted our canada to the international scene where he spoke highly of our nation and what we have to offer-
while the liberals ndp bloc and the useless media CBC CTV etc spent/d more time looking for scandals to embarass the prime minister and our country.

We need FOXCANADA; what we have here(CBC CTV etc) have fallen through the cracks; thank goodness for the BLOGS.

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