Thursday, March 04, 2010

Copyright Law

Mrs Frances Seghers

CIC Montreal president peter Guay Consul general Lee McClenny

yesterday I attended a talk by Mrs. Frances Seghers, Executive VP, Worldwide Governmental Affairs, Sony Pictures. It was sponsored by the CIC and the US Consulate in Montreal. There was cocktail before in the home of the US Consul General, Lee McClenny.
Mrs Seghers just came from Ottawa and is headed off to Toronto later. her talk gave a bit of background into the problems of producing intellectual property in the digital age. She and she says the US and EU want Canada to update our copyright law to bring into line with treaties previously signed on this issue. The reception was quite full, indeed Mrs Seghers said she was shocked to see so many people interested in the subject of patent law. She said that the music industry has been decimated and the movie industry was trying to avoid that fate. She said Canada was one of the main centers of illegal copying of films, though that has dramatically decreased in the last few years. There were many questions. The issue of using art as a foundation for more art was brought up. Mrs. seghers was adamant that copying is stealing and that Canada is annoying its EU and American trading partners. She also said Sony pictures is laying off 450 people in the US, because of these copyright issues. She also siad it was in Canada's interest to protect copyright for our own industries. Given the unpopularity of the last copyright law introduced by HM Government, this will be an uphill struggle. An interesting evening of discussion.

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