Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The chicken littles are again mad

I think again, Maxime Bernier's pronouncements are close to government policy. If one wants to decarbonize( and I don't) nuclear power is a good idea. HM Government has not announced huge new spending on climate change. This should all be good news for climate realists.

Hamilton: Federal green strategy goes from bad to worse

Energy and Technology Columnist

You hear that sound? That’s the sound of nearly half a billion taxpayer dollars landing on the doorstep of Atomic Energy Canada Ltd.

It includes the $300 million that showed up in the 2010 federal budget last week. That money will cover “anticipated commercial losses” and “continued development of the Advanced CANDU Reactor.” It will also help fund “safe and reliable operations at the Chalk River Laboratories.”

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FredR said...

Given a choice between funding AECL - who manage to produce a product (the CANDU reactors) that provide safe, reliable electricy DESPITE eggregious interference from publicity seeking politicians, Greens and a corrupt beauracracy steeped in anti-nuclear lore, and the Government of Ontario / Samsung billion dollar wind-farm boondoggles that will do nothing except drive up the price of electricity, harvest untold numbers of birds on their Point Pelee migration routes and enrich their friends at our expense ... I will gladly take the AECL.

If the Star is really so gung-ho on "renewable energy" they should cut their offices from the grid and rely on wind and/or solar power, as a shining example to us lowly peons who look toward the expertise of the Star's editorial board when it comes to energy policy.

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