Thursday, March 11, 2010

Canada and Afghanistan: Keeping Our Promises” to Benefit the Afghan School Project

Terry Glavin

Lauryn Oates

Prof Douglas Bland

Nasrine Gross Fred Litwin

Grant Kippen Ambassador Jawed Ludin Major-General (Ret’d) Lewis Mackenzie

Nipa Banerjee

I attended this Free Thinking Film society event. It is an effort by the Canada Afghanistan Solidarity Committe. Here is a list of the participants. The CASC wants us to have a real conversation about Canada's Afghanistan policy instead of the bleating by the opposition about the detainees , about which the grits have a lot to hide. It was a great event with MP Paul Dewar, Senator Wallin and HM Minister of Citizenship Jason Kenney in attendance.
The CASC has released a report on what Canada should do in Afghanistan. It is well worth reading. I will try and post video when it is availible.

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