Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bye Bye iffy?

That's what Michael harris thinks. I want iffy to stay. Iffy should be allowed a chance to show his mettle in an an election campaign, maybe 2 campaigns. The grits desreve iffy, the people of Canada do not.

Time for Ignatieff to prepare parachute

Like a Second World War fighter plane, Michael Ignatieff’s political career is doing the slow, death spiral toward earth trailing smoke and fire.

Soon there will only be one thing left to do: Bail out before the inevitable impact of the peoples’ judgment.

Putting aside the crude fun of laughing at the debacle in the House of Commons this week, where the Liberals lost the vote on their own motion and inadvertently said “aye” to a budget whose spending they oppose, this much must be said: The leader not only doesn’t inspire his caucus, he is ignored by them. That’s how parties fall apart from the inside.

Ignatieff’s decision to go travelling a little over a week after Parliament came back from an ill-advised prorogation took most of the wind out of the Liberal sails. Funny stories started appearing about Iggy proroguing himself. Then the polls, which had actually given the Liberals new life over the past few months, started edging up for the government and dipping down into the high 20s for the Grits.


Anonymous said...

The grits deserve iffy, the people of Canada do not.

the majority of canadians ain't too fond of your boy harper either.

Suzanne said...

On the same topic, I'd like to suggest my column at

Wile E. Ignatieff: Genius

(Just because you happened to mention it)

Seriously, why would *I* want him to leave?

byng said...

if true, then Rae ? - so more of the exceptional left wing rhetoric, blockading of parliament, and endless denouncing of even slightly conservative thought - all in all a good thing for the CPC and Canada, in our unending search for a majority