Sunday, March 07, 2010

An assessment of a party in decline

 An interesting piece from a lefty who wants the grits and the ndp to be in a coalition. I liked this analysis of where the grits are now. I have much less optimism for the grits tahn the author does. The ideas conference this monthis yet one in a long line of failed grit attempts at policy. The grits have run out of big social programs that they can bribe the pub;ic with. They have repeated their usual national childcare policy, which they never pass, even when they have had a majority government. The grits are not going top have much to talk about in the next few months. They are supporting the budget and the Afghan detainnee nonsense will not have legs. Things should get even nastier from the party with no ideas or scruples.
At the seminar, the question on everyone's lips was what does this party stand for. Two leaders and another lost election later, it is a question Liberals are still asking, as their party struggles with a full-blown identity crisis. What initially seemed like the usual intellectual exhaustion after an extended period in power turned into a creeping rot that has affected every aspect of the party's performance. The Liberals spent the last session of Parliament chasing headlines like an attention-starved puppy, scampering from one purported scandal or outrage to the next (stimulus pork, advertising propaganda, H1N1 failures, Torch Relay politics, Colvin memos) without any medium-term focus or long-range plan. Add to the mix Michael Ignatieff's shaky and uncertain leadership, and the whole miserable session culminated in the legendary Night of the Long Faces, when a group of Liberals repaired to a bar at the Château Laurier for a bitch session that the Toronto Star breathlessly reported as a nascent coup.


hunter said...

Interesting essay. The problem is that the writer is looking at things from a progressive point of view which is why the Liberals are in the trouble they are in. The writer still thinks the Conservatives won by a fluke and not because the Liberals were shown to be corrupt.

redensign said...

To reinforce Hunter's point, check this quote out.

"The historical lesson is that every generation or so the Liberal Party finds itself in the opposition benches and, after convulsing its way through the three stages of Liberal grief (denial, denial, denial), it eventually finds a way of renewing itself."

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