Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dan Cook on Parliament's Prorogation

He has it about right. When have most students ever been happy with the Tories? Nik Nanos doesnt think this will do very much in the long run.

0.0006% Of Canadians Are Mad porogation


Anonymous said...

Maybe you miss the point. Prorogation is a word most Canadians haven't even heard before, many, like yourself, can't even spell it.

However, all Canadians can understand that Harper and his caucus have taken a 2 month vacation at our expense during a recession. If the opposition can get a clue and play this angle, you may be a little less smug this spring.

bigcitylib said...

You can't spell and Cook can't do math.

kursk said...

Hey lefties, where are your leaders?

The Conservatives are working in Ottawa.

More importantly, PM Harper is working in Ottawa.

Where's Jack?

Where's Iggy?

I thought they were so concerned?

I Support Lord Black