Thursday, October 22, 2009

This grit is very scared...

and wants to use fear mongering that would do catsmeat proud. Perhaps she works for the grit war room. Apparently the Tories are all evangelical Christians. Her evidence for this? Evangelicals now vote Tory more than they did before. The Tory party is a big tent and includes religious HIndus, Jews and Muslims as well as atheists. many of these voters were previously voting grit. Were the grits called fundamentalists at that time? No that was ok, because they were voting grit.

CANADA'S once-mighty Natural Governing Party (a.k.a. the Big Red Machine) is beginning to resemble the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. "(I)t vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of its tail and ending with the grin, which remained some time after the rest of it had gone."
One by one, the bastions of Liberal support have fallen. The first to depart were westerners in protest over bilingualism and "pandering" to Quebec in the 1960s. Second, in a mirror image of the West's opposition to bilingualism, nationalist Quebecers rejected the Trudeau dream of one Canada with two founding peoples and languages, switching first to Brian Mulroney's Progressive Conservatives in the 1980s and then to the Bloc Quebecois in the 1990s. Third, rural Canadians started drifting away in the 1960s and are now almost gone, alienated by the belief the Liberals neither understood them nor cared about their issues but governed solely for progressive urban elites with policies like the gun registry and support for same-sex marriage.
Now, the Stephen Harper Conservatives are on their way to shattering the last remnants of the old Liberal fortress among seniors, immigrants, visible and religious minorities, women and city dwellers through the relentless application of U.S. Republican wedge politics and vicious personal attack ads.

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Kit said...

"... through the relentless application of U.S. Republican wedge politics and vicious personal attack ads."

yes, I am sure Sarah Palin, see above picture, would agree she was and continues to be the victim of Republican styled wedge politics and vicious personal attack ads. Yep!

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