Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Watch The Third Jihad for Free on 9/11

This film shows the danger of the jihadis to us here in North America. You can watch it for free until Sept. 15, 2009, in honour of the memeory of those who were murdered on 9/11. ( h/t to my readr Avi)


hunter said...

You hit it out of the park on this one! Excellent!

Roy Eappen said...

Thanks hunter

revanche said...

Thx for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I only wish many others would see this and I wish secularized Muslims would speak out.

We have some lovely Muslim neighbours who brought us treats on the first night of Ramadan (total surprise to us). I'm promised to reciprocate at Christmas.:-)

Ironically a Muslim salesperson came to our door tonight to sell us on renting a new energy efficient water heater as I was settling in to watch this video. He couldn't take a snack (looked completely wrung out to me) but was thankful for some ice-water during his fast.

Muslims are not the problem. Radical Islam is. Canadians need to understand the difference.

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