Thursday, September 17, 2009

The fight against jihadis

The vile man responsible for the murder of hundreds in Bali has been killed. I have no doubt that his "eternal reward" will not include 72 virgins. Unfortunately terrorism is easier to fight that the other more insidous jihadi techniques exposed by Bruce Bawer, who gave another excellent speech in Montreal. I had a chance to have dinner with Bruce, Fred, Barbara and a few others after the event.
Barbara Kay had an excellent piece in yesterday's NP. The fight against the jihadis has only just begun. It is a fight for our freedom and our very lives.
This Islamophilia is urged upon us by omission and commission, and in ways both benign and wicked: from CBC's intelligence-insulting series, Little Mosque on the Prairie, to the singling out of Muslims from other religious groups for government outreach programs, to -- most perniciously-- indulgence by our human rights commissions of hate-filled anti-Western rhetoric by imams, while demonizing heritage Canadians who "offend" Muslims with facts and statistics.
Bruce's Ottawa speech:

Link: Bruce Bawer Speech part one

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