Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The little worm franken is now the junior senator from Minnesota. The dems now have 60 seats in the Senate. God Help the United States of America and the world.

Ending an eight-month legal battle, Republican Norm Coleman conceded Tuesday to Democrat Al Franken in the Minnesota Senate race after the state's high court ruled that Franken should be certified as the winner.

Though Coleman could have tried to take the case to the federal Supreme Court, he told reporters outside his home in St. Paul that continuing to drag out his challenge would hurt his state.

"I just had a conversation with Al Franken congratulating him on his victory," Coleman said. "The Supreme Court of Minnesota has spoken. I respect its decision and I will abide by its result. ...We have reached the point where further litigation damages the unity of our state."


Anonymous said...
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Paul M said...

Why is it Democrats always seem to gain votes in a recount? If I was in that state I'd be very interested in an investigation into this sorry mess.

Of course, with a Democratic Governor and attorney general, I'm not holding my breath.

Paul M said...

Roy, please delete that slimy weasels comment. It's unbelievable that some liberal hack would bring that tragedy up in a conversation!

Anon, you seriously need help if your using a suicide for political fodder!

Cameron Campbell said...

Republican Governor.

Gube said...

Republican Governor.

KEvron said...
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Ti-Guy said...
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Dr.Dawg said...

"Little worm?" What kind of anti-Semitic comment is that?

Dharma Satya said...

No votes were "gained". Coleman went to court to ask that ALL absentee ballots be counted, regardless of whether or not those votes conformed to proper electoral procedures. (In other words, Coleman wanted the Court to overturn or ignore the law just this once, just for him.)

Franken's position was that the law needs to be followed and obeyed, as any upstanding citizen would.

So tell me, Dr. Roy, do you really think a better choice for government is the man who throws a hissy fit and asks the Supreme Court to overturn election laws for him and him alone?

I think not.

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