Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Profitting from the hysteria

The chicken littles are making a lopt of money from their sky is falling mantra. Everyone from Al Gore to Nike and Sony see environmentostalinism as a way to make cash.

here is no business on a dead planet.” That balanced and inspiring message was displayed at a seminar yesterday organized by the Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) on how to profit from climate change.

There is something jarring, even obscene, about regarding the allegedly apocalyptic threat of climate change as a money maker. Still, for many people, from Al Gore down, that is what it primarily is. The problem is that all the investment potential derives from restrictive legislation and/or subsidies, that is, from force and favour, salted with a good dose of economic fantasy.

From the point of view of investment funds, it’s rather like observing that Frederick Bastiat’s broken window fallacy (that broken windows are good for the economy since they mean business for glaziers) is government policy, then suggesting investors buy mutual funds filled with window manufacturers. Except that climate change amounts to a rationalization for a much more comprehensive bout of economy-smashing.


mikmik said...

A way to make cash and save the planet.

You said, There is something jarring, even obscene, about regarding the allegedly apocalyptic threat of climate change as a money maker.

Almost as obscene as saying there is no threat, in spite of the evidence, so you can keep making money.

Kunoichi said...

Gee, mikmik, what evidence would that be? The data that shows CO2 levels do not, and cannot, drive climate change? That the increases of CO2 levels often *followed* increases of temperature? The data that shows atmospheric CO2 levels rarely get as low as they are now, and that we may actually be suffering a CO2 deficit? That past temperatures have been much higher than we have now now, and that life thrived during those periods? That CO2 levels have been has high at 4000ppm, possibly more, and that these periods co-incided with increases of life forms?

Or the data that shows we have been on a cooling trend for the last 10 years? The data that shows sea levels are NOT rising at any unusual rate? The data that shows the extreme weather events we're supposed to be getting just aren't happening? Or that these events are more often associated with cooling, not warming? The data that shows solar activity has more influence on our climate than anything we're doing?

And while you're at it, just who is making money? It's sure not the "skeptics" that are seeing their research funding pulled, or losing their jobs, for not following AGW dogma.

What's obscene is that so many special interest groups are not only able to mislead the general public, but are actually in positions of enough power that they are manipulating our laws and regulations.