Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sri Lanka announces victory

It seems increasingly clear that the ltte is defeated. The ltte seems to be waving a white flag.Unconfirmed reports say that the body of the ltte leader has been found. The ltte supporters seem to be blaming India for their defeat and Indian security forces are preparing for terrorist attacks.
The Sri lankan authourities are saying that all civilians have left the area of hostilities.
The government must allow reporters and humanitarian aid to enter now with no impedance. Refugees must be quickly vetted and allowed to go free. This is certainly not an end to the problems in Sri Lanka. This will leave a deeply divided country.
Canada's Tamils should begin campaigns to send humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka. Canadians have big hearts they will support humanitarian aid to the red cross. The Canadian Tamils must find the strength to denounce the ltte and help forge links with Singhalese Canadians. I certainly hope this is not true. As this editorial states they need a change in course. They should show how people get along in Canada . Let Canada be an example for their homeland.
The ltte allies in India were defeated in the Indian elections. India has been backing the Colombo government and now they must use their influence to try and bring peace. Humanitarian aid to the Tamil civilians in the camps must be brought in quickly and the camps closed down as soon as possible.
I am deeply saddened by all this death and destruction. It is time for peace.

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Philanthropist said...

Tamils in Canada can go home now that there is peace in Sri Lanka, a happy outcome for them and Canadians.

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