Friday, April 03, 2009

The MSO Concert of the Century!

I attended the MSO benefit concert . It was a  celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Canadiens and the 75th anniversary of the MSO. It helped start off the MSO foundation. I had amazing seats 4th row center at the Bell Center. I am not a big hockey fan, but it was amazing to see 19 of the 24 captains of the Canadiens teams that have won Stanley Cups.
 The Bell Center was sold out. The Orchestra had several guests besides the former hockey players. There was a performance from an acrobat of the Cirque Eloize. Several famous Quebec singers and actors also were on stage. A military band played along, as did a high school band. 
 It was clear that hockey is extremely important to Quebecers. It also unites them to some extent with other Canadians. The Orchestra played the hockey night in Canada theme and ended with the hockey music.
 The highlight was of course the playing of the Ode to Joy. Beethoven's Ninth is probably my favourite piece of classical music. I have heard it many times on stage. This performance had 1500 choristers! It was a moment of near nirvana when they sang. Below you can see another performance of Beethoven's Ninth by the MSO and the finale of the this concert. 
 Many of Quebec's political class were also in attendance. I met Pauline Marois and her husband and Premier Charest and his wife Michelle were at the receeption afterwards. I also talked to Maxime Bernier and saw my Outremont MNA Raymond Bachand
 It was a bit shmaltzy, but a lot of fun. It was truly a memorable evening. It raised a lot of money for the MSO and that's very good! More here and here.

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