Sunday, March 29, 2009

Very Impressive

I have been watching HM PM Stephen Harper on Fox News Sunday. He was very impressive. He held his own with Chris Wallace. He repeatedly said he was a conservative. He avoided criticizing obamessiah, but did talk about the differences between the US and Canada. Canada will have the lowest taxes in the G8 by 2012. We will ahve the freest financial system in the G8 at the end of this. That's a very good thing. I will post the video as soon as I get it.


Anonymous said...

Look forward to the video Roy!


Anonymous said...

Oh brother - the BS is too much to take here.

Harper tooting our financial system that Chretien/Martin set up - Harper voted against it when he was in opposition.

Too much LOL - what a liar!

Roy Eappen said...

pseudo chretien said he would tear up the free trade agreement. pseudo chretien said he would eliminate the GST
pseudo chretien said he would run a clean government.
His only succeses came when he followed Mulroney policy.

Anonymous said...
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wilson said...

Our financial system strengths are thanks to every party in power since...ever,

Chretien decided not to allow bank mergers because of the heat from job losses the move would generate,
times were already tough enough on the job front,
a political call not economic genius.
We lucked out! on that call.

PMSH/Flahrety have made some critical good calls too, and deserve credit for their party in Canada's stable and healthy banking sector.

Paul Martin had the zero down loan scheme in the pipes,
but lost the election before the scheme could be implimented.
PMSH carried out what Martin started, then had to reverse due to mortgage melt down.

So give credit to all.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Please let us know when the clip is available online, Dr. Roy. Thanks.

Anonymous said...
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Roy Eappen said...

personal insults by anonymous grit trolls are immediately deleted

Anonymous said...

Who do you thinks is marter and a brighter baecon of consrvatism? Rush Limbaugh or Steven HArper?

wilson said...

Stephen Harper, aa.
Because as the world and Canadian ideas/ideals evolve, PMSH accepts the changes and leads (guides) us with a new reality.
Rush wants to change thinking backwards to a time an place he is stuck in.