Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Loyal to the Core Book Launch

  Joseph Ben Ami
Claire Joly

I missed a Fraser Institute event to go to the launch of my friend Gerry Nicholl's new book Loyal to the Core, at the Courtyard Restaurant in Ottawa. I ordered my copy a while ago. gerry is a very smart guy and a true conservative. I am a conservative and a member of the Tory party. As I have said before the party is not the movement. The movement is there to move public opinion more to the right. The movement is there also to try and push the party to the right. Some of you have expressed some dislike for my friend Gerry. This means you don't understand that he gives cover to the party and helps us get closer to where we want the party to be. Without pressure from the right, the party only feels the pressure from the lefty grits and dippers. Gerry is also a very smart man. I wish he would do the ads for the Tories. he was very good with such things at the NCC.
It was nice to see Claire Joly, Deborah Gyapong, Joseph Ben-Ami, Naresh Raghubeer and of course the publisher of Gerry's book Tristan Emmanuel.
 I hope you sell 2 million books Gerry!

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