Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gordon Lightfoot

I am a big Gordon Lightfoot fan. I have seen him a number of times in concert . While driving home from an MSO concert, I was flipping the channels on the radio and this interview with Lightfoot wit Jian Gomeshi on (shudder) CBC. Lightfoot is 70 now. Its amazing that he has survived the alcohol and drugs.It is interesting that a lot of his best songs happened during messy breakups. He also thinks alcohol was a bit of a muse
You can listen to the interview here.
Two of my favourite Lightfoot songs.


Potter said...

Listened to this interview on CBC Q as well - found Gordon was down to earth and open with his reflections.

Enjoyed listening to this interview.

Anonymous said...

Never liked that song If You could Read My Mind, but other that that, Gordon is so cool. Saw him back in the 70's at Massey Hall in Toronto (you can get the album) and I can still remember the chill I got when he did the Canadian Railroad Trilogy.

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