Thursday, January 29, 2009

obamessiah's protectionism

The horrible stimulus from the US ( voted against by every GOP member of congress) has a buy America clause which may cost a lot of Canadian jobs. Well! Well! Well! obamessiah is bad for Canada.

Harper voices concern over 'buy American' clause
Andrew Mayeda and Sheldon Alberts, Canwest News Service
Published: Thursday, January 29, 2009
OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper expressed "serious concern" on Thursday over a provision of the U.S. stimulus bill that would require infrastructure projects to use American steel, putting Canada on the edge of its first trade dispute with the United States since Barack Obama was inaugurated.
The "Buy American" clause would ban the use of most foreign iron and steel from infrastructure projects funded under the US$819-billion stimulus bill, which passed the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday.

The 'Buy American' clause of the massive U.S. $819-billion stimulus bill, which passed the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday, has many countries, including Canada, voicing concerns.
Brendan Smialowski

On Thursday, Harper added Canada's name to the growing list of U.S. trade partners, from the European Union to Australia, who are seeking to overturn the provision.


Peter said...

The PMO should just leak a story to the MSM that Canada is considering building a dual pipeline from oil and gas rich Sask., Alberta and Northern BC to the port at Prince Rupert to export oil and LNG to Asian countries. That would diminish some of the protectionist talk in the US.

LogicallySpeaking said...

The American government has only respected the concept of free trade when it benefits them - but I guess realizing this 16 years after the fact is better than never.

Rebecca said...

I saw a poll last week about 'Canada and Obama.' When asked if Canadians 'like' or 'support' Obama, something like 80% of respondents said 'yes.' Then, when asked if we should send more troops to Afghanistan, as he's probably going to ask, something like 60% of respondents said 'no.' When asked if Canadians were worried about possible protectionist measures taken by an Obama administration, about 60% said 'yes' to that, too - and when asked about whether people were worried that enormous stimulus packages/spending would hurt Americans and their economy, I think about 70% of people said yes, they were concerned. So, apparently, everyone *loves* Obama but they don't love what he actually plans to do. People are silly.

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