Saturday, January 24, 2009

Budget 2009, a Tory Budget?

Apparently HM Finance Minister Flaherty says the budget will have a Tory stamp on it. How is this possible with a large deficit. I urge large spending cuts, cutting electoral welfare and tax cuts. I urge not spending for corporate welfare and if public spending is needed to fund only very necessary infrastructure programs.
It will still have the Tory stamp
Bulging Budget Wish List = Tax Cuts + Bailouts + Tax Credits + Investment + Incentives + Subsidies

Paul Vieira, Financial Post

Next week's stimulus-laden, deficit-creating budget is the type one would least expect from Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister, and Jim Flaherty, the Finance Minister.

Since attaining power in early 2006, the Conservatives' economic mantra has been about their preference for less government and paying down debt.

Make no mistake, however -- Tuesday's budget will have Conservative fingerprints all over it, from how they plan to spend the $20-billion or so with the aim of pumping up a moribund economy an1211472d avoiding a protracted recession, to indications of future policy direction that likely point to further market liberalization and the repeal of overlapping regulation.

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