Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ann Coulter 's New Book Guilty

Ann Coulter on Bill O'Reilly Show discussing her new book and NBC.

Here is the whole interview with Matt Lauer on NBC.

Here is Ann on Hannity and Colmes


Jen said...

The American MSM look very nervous theY know what Obama said and did but are afraid to reveal it to the public; a sign of deliberate sloppiness on their part.
Obama clearly said that "I HAVE 57 STATES TO VISIT"- NO questions from the MSM.
(2) Obama also said that " I will see the CANADIAN PRESIDENT"

Can you imagine if Sarah Palin said those words well, the american and canadian MSM will be all over her.

The American MSM can try to protect OBAMA all they want but one thing for sure they cannot protect OBAMA from foreign reporters who will ask damaging questions.

The liberal party of canada are heavily protected by the MSM; I am sure many foreign reporters don't have a clue of the liberals corruption and support for terrorist groups which the liberals embraced publicily. If the foreign reporters knew of this story the liberals will be splash news and the MSM will pay a heavy price for their silence.

Anonymous said...

How can you get through medical school at McGill and still be proud to announce your stupidity by championing Coulter?

I'll say this: If I ever found out my doctor was a fan of a paranoid, anorexic has-been like Coulter, I'd SERIOUSLY doubt his intellectual capabilities.

Just being honest said...

Anon at 9:55

Coulter consistently sells thousands of books and reaches best seller lists all the time. Do you also "SERIOUSLY doubt [the] intellectual capabilities" of those thousands upon thousands of readers?

Anonymous said...


Yes, but it's particularly surprising coming from a medical doctor. Then again, the doctor intellectual elitism is mostly misplaced vanity.

Anonymous said...

By the way, are you actually attempting an argument ad populum?

Dr.Dawg said...

Do you also "SERIOUSLY doubt [the] intellectual capabilities" of those thousands upon thousands of readers?


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