Saturday, August 16, 2008

This is outrageous

The CPSO is trying to obey the Ontario hrc by stiffling the human rights of Ontario doctors. Its is time to get rid of the hrcs. Fire them all.

Religion out of medicine, a new message for Ontario doctors
Charles Lewis, National Post
Published: Friday, August 15, 2008

Ontario physicians could be stripped of their right to exercise religious or moral conscience if a new set of guidelines is accepted by their regulating body next month, critics say.

Doctors across Canada are now allowed to opt out of such things as prescribing birth control or morning-after pills or doing abortions when it goes against their conscience. Physicians are also allowed to refuse to do referrals in such cases.

But a new draft proposal from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario could change that for doctors in the province.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Well, don't be a doctor if your religious beliefs interfere with health care - simple as that!

Anonymous said...

can't be a doctor unless you don't believe in god. are you really that stupid?

Don said...

I believe it should be up to the individual physician whether or not (s)he prescribes such things as birth control or morning after or abortions. However, the doctors position on such procedures should also be clearly posted in the doctors office AND waiting room. And it should be much easier for a patient to change doctors if there is a fundamental difference in beliefs with regard to such things as abortion or birth control.

Personally I am in favour of abortions and easy birth control. And I'm happy people can access "morning after" pills. Many years ago (when I still had hair) I watched a 12 year old girl commit suicide by walking in front of a bus. Her brother (my friend) later told me that she had just been to the family doctor where she found out she was pregnant. That's all I ever found out, but it was enough to convince me to support a womans right to control her own body.

Joe said...

Um Don by what you just posted I would say that the young girl controlled her own body too much. She controlled her body while she had sex and she controlled her own body when she walked in front of the bus. An available abortion would have changed this how again? Since she just found out that she was pregnant before she killed herself abortion or the morning after pill had no bearing on the outcome of this situation.

Don said...

Joe, this all happened back in the '60's. Early in the decade. The facts as I recall them...
She didn't have a boyfriend. She wasn't into "boys". Looking back with more worldly experience than I had in my youth, I suspect now that she had been forced into non-consensual sex and was probably scared to death of having to tell her parents. Reason I suspect that is because my buddy went out of his way a few weeks before the incident to find and beat up another guy. And he never told me why, just said it had to be done.

Attitudes back at that time were a lot different than today. Thank goodness we've changed!

I could go on and on, but I'll end this by saying I'm happy they've found a fairly safe "morning after" drug and I wish it was a lot easier for women to get.

Anonymous said...

I am a woman who has always been responsible for myself. My parents told me that if I got pregnant they would treat my child just like any other of their grandchildren. They would babysit occaisionally etc. but they had already raised their kids and wouldn't raise mine. If I had been raped or something I would've been able to count on them and tell them anything. Once I was old enough I was in charge of my own actions. Cosequently, I refrained from sex until married- no problem then. If that child had spoken to someone she would have been taken care of, by the Salvation Army if not her parents. I worked in a centre run by the SA and so I know of what I speak!