Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The productive right

It seems conservatives have more children in general. No wqnder the left wants to usurp parental rights and roles.

Be right wing and multiply
Many self-absorbed liberals would rather pamper themselves than have children. As a result, conservatives are doing a better job at propagating their (ideological) species
Peter Schweizer, National Post
Published: Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Today's liberalism is completely wrapped up with the notion of self. The legacy of the 1960s "if it feels good do it" ethos is alive and well. Modern liberals often embrace these teachings and incorporate them in the way they live their lives and maintain their relationships.

For dramatic proof, go to the streets of a liberal enclave like San Francisco, Seattle or Vermont. There will be plenty of expensive boutiques, antique dealers, health spas, sushi bars and upscale coffee shops. But you won't see very many children. The reason is not that right-wingers have dumped buckets of birth control pills into the San Francisco municipal water supply. The simple fact is that many on the liberal left today just don't want to have children. A 2004 U. S. survey showed that a typical sample of 100 unrelated adults who called themselves liberal will have 147 children. That contrasts with the typical conservative, who is likely to have 208 children per 100 unrelated adults. That's 41% more.


Anonymous said...

You are really giving me the creeps.

Ah, why don't you make babie????!!!!

Chimera said...

Somebody wanna show the proof that political idealogies have anything to do with procreation?

KEvron said...

"Be right wing and multiply"

physician, heal thyself.


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Your photos of Grampy McFudge Haus and Lord Tubby on the blog, here, aren't exactly a turn-on, doc...

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